Buy Quadrocopter-Warning Read this before you Buy

by admin on March 16, 2011

A little bit of controversy surrounding this latest technology, the Quadrocopter has been considered as a major invasion of privacy. So take note of this warning before you fly and spy.. you just maybe pissing someone off.. At the same time the same person is just probably jealous and envious because this is a wild new toy…

Take a Test flight right now.. by clicking continue … or the video below..

How doe’s it Work? Quadrocopters are pretty basic from technical aspect.. There is really nothing new here regarding this technology, it is four rotors on each corner that provide it’s maneuverability and it’s stability. The drone model we are reviewing can be controlled by your iPhone, iPad or iPod, attached to the drone is is a camera and though it’s wifi connection to your controlling device you can view and record your every movement.. There are plenty of accessories available, and when you purchase you new drone consider the indoor hull to protect the rotors, which for a short time is available for free at Amazon This is what others are saying about the Parrot AR Drone..

Best Flying Toy period. Nothing even comes close. Similar Quad Copters have been around for years and are very costly. Parrot has done an excellent job of mass producing a DURABLE Quad copter with 2 Camera’s for a fraction of the cost of a similar Hobby store system. I am able to fly it via camera out of direct line of sight without issues, indoors and out, even in a wooded area – just like the promo video. It takes practice but it is a reality. jjRobtek – Amazon

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